25 July 2008

Yesterday in the garden, and other recent happenings

The girls in the garden, in their little space by the painted wall.

Morgan following the chickens around - you can see Gloria's feather loss from the run-in with the fox, and Annabelle is the darker one. Gloria is now the bigger of the two, she seems to have put on a bit of weight!

Morgan stroking Annabelle, who is very tollerant of being loved and pestered. She's the more noisy and feisty one, but very much more docile and friendly when held and petted. Gloria is staid and robustly unflappable, but does NOT like to be picked up.

I'm still feeling very shakey today about being pregnant. I'm trying to let go and just wait and see, but it's hard to hold that love and that fear together in my heart. I feel like I might overflow with either or both. I don't want to lose another baby, but I have to face that now more of my pregnancies have ended in death than in life, and there's not a thing I can do about it (apart from taking folic acid, which I've been doing for nearly ten months now)!

Jenna is delighted by the idea of having another baby, though she keeps telling me that she is worried that this baby might die too. I know, little one, I know - me too. But then she suddenly grins and says, "I'm praying that the baby is big and strong, mummy." That seems to settle it for her, she's praying and that's all she can do so why fret?

Three days ago she brought a picture she had drawn of our family, and held it up critically. "It's all wrong!" She said, "There's no room for bodies, my people have all got only heads. I need to put a body in here before the legs." I didn't say anything, but the next day she showed me some more pictures, and all of her people are now "correct". No more potato people! Time flies...


  1. Don't you just love kid's faith? Sometimes it's just really helpful to get into that kind of mindset.

    Hope today turns out less stressful than yesterday!

    The Broken Man


  2. Lovely Chicken Photos Sarah :) I can't wait until we can get some!

    Thinking of you and your fears and hopes for your precious, loved and wanted little baby too xxxx


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