8 July 2008

On the wisdom of suitable preparation :(

Well I've just learnt an important lesson. No matter how well prepared you are for life with children, some gap in your understanding inevitably lets you down somewhere along the way.

Take papier mache. Bowls and other forms, I have discovered this evening, "need to have a release agent applied first to stop the papier mache sticking to them". Oops. So the beautiful pink bowl with added sparkly bits, that Jenna has just spent the best part of two days working on, will not come off the glass jug we used to help it keep its shape. And it's all my fault!

For those who wish to know, and really have learnt my lesson to make sure you are remembering correctly all those things that you did in your own childhood, a little assistance!

The Papier Mache Resource Centre


  1. Preparation? What's that?! I can't say I am a very "prepared" person - I have got gloss paint on two pairs of trousers this week, because when I decide to do something I just want to go for it straight away. My poor wife dispairs! Did I mention I'm not great with delayed gratification?!

    Seriously though, I'm glad it's not just me who decides something on the spur of the moment and does it without *entirely* thinking it through!

    The Broken Man


  2. (laughing) My husband has also learnt that sighing and rolling his eyes is the only defence with someone who just cannot help being enthusiastic about everything.

    Here's to long-suffering spouses and exuberant creativity. ;)


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