4 July 2008

Tough days and wonderful memories

Gloria is still fine and there have been no bullying problems without them even having been separated again. The fox came back last night and couldn't get in to the newly fortified run and house, but the chickens were both still getting a bit stressed so we shut them away earlier than normal and the fox only hung around for a minute or two after that.

I think Gloria must seriously be the toughest chicken that ever lived because in the late afternoon, early evening, I took a hot-to-the-touch egg from under her. I can't believe she laid after her brush with foxy death!

Morgan is a sucky little nursing gymnast today and Jenna is trying to distract her and make her get down because she wants a snack and I can't get one whilst I have an 18mo hanging off me. It isn't working. Although she isn't waking at night at all any more the heat does have Morgan nursing a lot at the moment in general - but she doesn't seem at all happy today I have to say. Maybe she's coming down with something?

I've been sorting out lots of old photographs and I've put together a few I want to share. It's a sort of journey through our last year as a family and shows mostly the seasonal things we have done and our more major events. I hope you enjoy it!


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