23 July 2008

So much for too early to test...

I gave in (typical of me, I just couldn't resist because I knew there was a test in the bathroom cupboard)!

I'm pregnant.

We have another baby, tiny and perfect, growing inside of me. I am totally in shock, even though I wouldn't have tested if I hadn't had a fair idea. I don't know what to say. I've spent the last few weeks being sure that this was NOT the month.

And then that little pink line showed up just a few minutes ago.

Just for good measure, a picture of the whole family at Kelly and Tom's wedding the other day. :)


  1. Oh sarah :) :) :) How exciting!

    Keeping fingers, toes everything crossed for you and your perfect little baby xxxxx

  2. Oh, congratulations! I hope it all goes really well for you - we will be praying! :)

    The Broken Man


  3. wonderful news!

    keeping everything crossed for you all and hoping that pregnancy isn't too hard on you.


  4. congrats Sarah, I am so happy for you after the tribulations of late.

    All digits and what not crissed and crossed :-)

  5. Great day .. wonderful.
    Grow healthy and well little babe, know you are loved.


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