22 July 2008

And what we did after church on Sunday...

We cleared the living room and moved the furniture around. I have to post pictures because otherwise when Kim arrives in a couple of weeks she won't believe how clean and tidy it was (will you hun?).

My bookcase, the TV area, Jenna's table and doll house (in new position).

The newly re-organised toy storage, and the comfort corner (behind the sofa).

Scary huh? Very organised for us (and much more space for children to run around in). I have to admit that it actually doesn't look much like the pictures at this PRECISE moment, because Jenna has a couple of dressing up things out and is colouring in with crayons all over the place. And Morgan is putting stones in the till and taking them out again, with a bowl of raisins overturned next to her!


  1. LOL - our toys never stay put away for long either ;) Often, like this afternoon, they don't even stay away long enough for me to get everything else put away too, but are pulled out within seconds.

  2. It looks great Sarah. Colourful ,child friendly with simple inviting toys, can we come and play please lol!

  3. Hey that IS a compliment, I've seen pictures of your play space, Gina!! :D

    You can come and play any time, I've spent today bemoaning the fact that all of Jenna's YOUNGER friends are now starting school in the Autumn - we're feeling a bit lonely as unschoolers under 5yo. :(

  4. well done you wonderful mama, it looks great

  5. It loos lovely - very cosy! I'm a bit worried that our flat is very "adult-oriantated" - we are going to be moving out soon, but we don't really have much of a clue how to make it more baby friendly.

    I'm sure we will have a crash course once the baby is born!

    The Broken Man



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