19 July 2008

Season table changing again

This is what the season table looks like now, slowly moving to late summer. All of the craft we've been doing and the seasonal walks have produced enough stuff that it's time for a bit of a change around.

The bees were really simple - just alder cones collected on the park the other day, with yellow string wound around them to make stripes. The wings were cut in a boomerang shape (out of the biodegradable plastic bags we got some spinach in from our vegetable box scheme), laid on the body facing backwards (yup, their wings do face backwards, something else I learnt reading All Year Round) and tied with a long string that is also handy for hanging them by. Not a project for very young children, but fun for me!

We're so busy with lots of new fun projects, and I'm finding so much time to write randomness, I keep wanting to post two or more fresh pages of entries every day. Yesterday, for example, we had friends over and walked on the park (where we found the alder cones) and today we are going to a wedding. I'm going to try to write a bit less for a couple of days and just post up some pictures...


  1. I see what you mean about changing with the seasons! I tend to let one day week and month drift into another, i think its great to be doing something to mark the changes of the seasons!

  2. Your table looks great. The bees are a really clever idea. Think i really need to find somewhere nice to walk around here. I'd love to take Phoebe on more walks.

  3. Lovely season Table :)

    I love the bees, we're definitely going to try making some for ours!


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