28 July 2008

Sunny day pictures, sunny weather nursing

In this hot weather, Morgan is nursing like a newborn again, I just can't seem to fill the child up. She has been drinking water and fruit juice too, some high-juice squash, cordial, and non-mummy milk... Yet still she's so THIRSTY!

I did a babywearing class this afternoon for a lovely lady who contacted me via my sling education stuff. She is a local homeschooler with mostly slightly older children but a boy about Jenna's age and a baby too. What a joy to see Jenna playing contentedly with other children, knowing that here was somewhere she wasn't the odd one out. And they were *exceptional* children, I was totally impressed with their behaviour and how thoughful of my two they were - the younger lad took Morgan under his wing and sat in a tent with her doing some colouring in until I was ready to go.

I hope we have more contact with them in future, it was a totally relaxed way to spend an afternoon - chatting about *everything* and practicing with slings while our children taught themselves and learnt from each other. I'm all fired up about unschooling again now and about all of the lovely, passionate and interesting families we're going to meet.

Anyhow, I got these pictures of Jenna and Morgan yesterday in little sundresses. Normally I hate seeing little bare shoulders, it often makes them look too adult-y and I'd rather they covered up a bit, but it is HOT!


  1. Home schooling is a big discussion in our household as neither of us had very good experinces of the education systems. I left somewhat early, and its only in later life that i have gone back to school. I want to try the school system but have so many reservations, but am also worried about homeschooling. I feel like I am dammed if i do dammed if i dont!

  2. I'm so glad you had an inspiring afternoon with another Home Ed family :) Sometimes contact with like-minded parents is such a boost and a much needed one at that!


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