30 July 2008

Busy Busy Busy!

We have guests this week and have been having a total whale of a time with the extra pre-schooler around. The visitors been out quite a bit meeting friends too though, and so the girls and I have been crafting in preparation for Jenna's birthday party and, well, just generally on principle.

Morgan and Priya with the coloured geometric blocks, and a few minutes later Morgan and Jenna with the same blocks (and also some lacing beads!). They use these mostly for making big buildings and towers to knock down, but occasionally for more imaginative role play too. We have four sets of blocks in total - these bright small geometric ones, some larger more quirkily coloured geometric ones in a trolley, some tiny natural wooden ones with letters carved in (a gift to our newly literate 3yo) and the Tree Blocks. Which are my favorites. :D

Here are the tree blocks in action! Jenna made a farm (and rebuilt it very patiently every time Morgan walked through it). She had the animals all escape and scatter the food everywhere and live wild in the countryside. ;) Thought that might make some of you veggies laugh!

We made chocolate cookies yesterday and they are goood. Not great for the children's sugar consumption, but hey they won't actually eat more than a third of one because they are so rich and contain two entire bars of dark chocolate. Maybe I'll add the recipe later! Oh, but it's not vegan friendly (sorry folks).

Today we did some colouring to make stuffed fish as found on The Artful Parent. And made blow painting seaweed which we love! We're going to do some more colours later on maybe, and use them to make our party invites. :)

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