18 July 2008

Free Play and Freedom to Play

Some pictures of Jenna and Morgan on our corner park with a friend. I'm changing the dates on these posts so that you can see the pictures of our weekend in order, just in case anyone is confused that I didn't post anything to the blog for three days and now it looks like I did after all!

Running up the hill - they were rolling down it but no pictures of that because we discovered that my TYPICAL preschooler was wearing no pants (rather undignified I have to say).

Jenna and friend in the bushes, holding handfulls of bindweed.

And digging holes with sticks in the dirt...

And lastly, making nests with cut grass - I used to do this on the top field at school when I was little!

How many of these activities are normally banned as dirty or unsafe? Where did the freedom to run around and get dirty go? We need to do more of this kind of play. :)

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