27 June 2008

Lael's rose has flowered

Last night I must have sprained or pulled something getting out of the taxi, because I can hadly hobble on my right leg this morning. I'm not amused. If I seem snappish with anyone, now you know why!

We're going to have a quiet day probably, I've got some writing and typing and that sort of stuff to catch up with. Being forced to slow down and not go out or do anything "fun" today will probably be just the push I need to do the sensible stuff. *sigh* Paperwork, work phone calls, essays to type up; and I've got some slightly more personal organising to do as well in the form of Lael's baby box.

The rose bush flowered this week and we have cut and dried the first blossom, an almost ridiculously pink, full, gorgeous bloom. If I have a bit more crying to do then so be it, but the cards can't stay up on the fireplace forever and the poems and bits of candle stub and things will get lost if I don't tidy them into yet another too-small neautrally coloured baby box. There are six boxes on top of my bookcase. One is gold and carries our wedding trinkets, the flower from my hair and bits from the hotel, confetti, that sort of thing. The red and brown box has Jenna's things, the purple one Morgan's. Now there are three cream boxes, too many, too small. But somehow needed.

In the better sort of family news, Morgan has one more new word, and a very important one it is too. She started it yesterday morning "unk" she says, "unk unk". If she gets the wrong "unk" first she shouts "NOoo, UNk [tap tap tap on the other side] UNk!"

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