25 June 2008

All the things you wish you had said

Perspective is everything, I'm just hoping that in a little while I'll get some and start feeling better. We have good weeks and then one bad day makes me feel crazy again and unable to handle the most trivial things. Yeah, yeah, I'm going to see the Mr Doctor (honest).

As for that woman yesterday, well I just wish that I had been a bit calmer and able to think of at the time all those things that occur to you ten minutes later that you spend weeks wishing you had said. ;)

I'm feeling great today in spite of AF clearly being here to stay this time. I've finished a gorgeous necklace with all tiny swarovski crystals and natural pearls and tiny pink japanese glass beads. We are playing with our paper animals and trying to decide where in the world they come from.

Jenna has been playing with a catalogue and making her very own book of "things that are pink". Normal? I don't even know what to aim for any more...

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