20 June 2008

Does anyone else "lose" the baby when nursing?!

This is seriously embarassing but I keep doing it and I have to admit it so that other people can come out of the closet and tell me that I'm not utterly crazy or at least they are too. Please?

I keep forgetting that I'm feeding Morgan.

It will be quiet, or Jenna will be playing where I can see her, and I'll suddenly think, "Where did Morgan get to?" And she's latched on sucking away in my arms. My MIL calls it a senior moment, but I don't know what it is in my case! I'm just not used to her being still and quiet... OK so now I've been suitably ashamed of my incompetance...

Right I'm off to make some tea, and read the library books to Morgan again (this will be the sixth time I've read That's Not My Robot today). And stop Jenna from throwing things out of my bedroom window rather than come down from her nap.

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