23 June 2008

Role play adventures aka Jenna's Story

Here we have the story cloth that we laid out together, with Jenna's story re-written by me, from memory.

Once upon a time there were some people who lived in the forest and they didn't have any food. There was a little boy all by himself because his mummy and daddy had died and he was very sad because he could see that across the river the people there had lots of food and enough to eat but he couldn't get across the river because a troll lived under the bridge and said, "You can't go past!"

One day the little boy was so sad and hungry that he went to see the troll again and the troll said, "Who's that trip-trip-trapping over MY bridge?"

And the little boy said, "I need to go across to get food for everyone because even the pigs are hungry and there is no food!"

But the troll said, "No, I won't let you come past and if you try to sneak past I will gobble you up!"

The little boy went away feeling very angry and he went all along the river until he came to a shallow place but he couldn't walk across. So he went and found some big stones and dropped them into the river one by one until he had some stepping stones and he got across the river like that.

When he came to some houses the people were very kind but they said they would only give him some food if they could get it back across safely and they needed to be able to use the bridge. So they told him to go up to the castle and ask the princess for some magic to send the troll away and then they would give him as much food as he wanted. The princess saw him climbing up the hill and she was happy to see him because she was lonely in her castle, and she did the magic and sent the troll far away.

Then everybody could cross the bridge any time they wanted and the princess and the boy were very happy and when they grew up they got married. The end.

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