19 June 2008

Waiting for the children to come home

The afternoon did get a bit more stressful, though partly it was just me not realising that Jenna was tired until I'd already yelled at her for driving me batty and poking her sister! And of course the usual mess with bills trying to come out of the account before we get paid (which Martin came home last night and dealt with by shouting at people on my behalf which obviously made me feel much better).

Today has pretty much been quiet, with the girls out and me at befriending and hanging out online and reading some more (Douglas Adams, both Dirk Gently books). At befriending I got to fuss the kittens padding around on the lawn tripping over themselves, and I also got the coveted Bath Without Children when I got home. I feel totally ready for them to be home now though, I've missed them.

Gotta do some shopping tomorrow and that's about it!

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