18 June 2008

Steps forward, one way or another

We have finally added "yes" to Morgan's small list of words, making life a little easier all around. When she's grumping and making low-grade urrrr urrr noises I can go through a logical list. Is your nappy dirty? "Yeah! Bleaugh!" Are you asking for milk? "Yeah mmmmm!" Finally, I don't have to go through everything twice and wait for the NO to get more and more emphatic to work out all the stuff she really doesn't want. Small victories, and all that.

This morning mum arrived with her springer spaniel again, since wednesday is a long day in their house and the dog gets lonely on her own. Em-dog is a licky happy ball of fluff, and gives no indication of her age (nearly ten years). She's still a bit depressed after losing her companion, but obviously pleased to see us all anyway. Morgan especially adores her in that way of toddlers and furry creatures, they often fall asleep lying one on top of the other on the floor and also (more upsettingly) exchange wet slobbery kisses that force me to supress that maternal "YUCK" in case, as often is the way, it makes it a more attractive game to get mummy to pull a silly face. We have all been for a long walk and collected a huge bag of elder flowers which we're making cordial with.

Then the heavens opened and we made for home, with both girls complaining about the wet grey terminal drizzle and the dog jumping in every muddy spot all the way back with every sign of glee. She's in the kitchen now, as although my carpets rarely look very clean they do NOT need muddy footprints added to the whole effect, and nothing dries a springer in need of a haircut.

I frequently rant about the state of my carpets at the moment, because somehow no matter how often we hoover in here it collects little bits of I don't know what. Often it's tiny scraps of paper, sparkles, grit from feet and fluff from clothing. Often too little bits of lentil or rice, food walked through from the table that won't quite hoover up because it has been trodden in. It's gross! Short of going into control freak mode and not letting them in the room without being cleaned first I don't think there's anything to be done about it. But when it comes to inviting someone in, paranoia sets in.

The girls were meant to be going to the in-laws today, twice in one week again, but they forgot and arranged to do something else. Not that Jenna isn't perfectly happy to amuse herself (and nag me every now and again to set up some painting for her or find her a snack please pretty please) but I was counting on getting some kind of work done. Anyhow, I managed to send in my befriending paperwork (desperately need the expenses paying now!) and I might manage some more jewellery later. I have some very nice fabric to make a new mei tai, the BBO-style one I've been saying I'm going to start any day now for the last few months. Unfortunately the serger keeps unthreading itself so I can't even do the bits of it that don't need a proper machine. *sigh*

Oh, but the bleeding has stopped again - and I'm feeling really calm for the first time in weeks. :)

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