26 June 2008

Here there and everywhere all day :)

I haven't stopped rushing around all day today! First we got the bus into town and had a big fruit salad from the cob shop for breakfast (and a smoothie too, Jenna's favorite). We were almost totally out of cereal and other breakfasty stuff so starting the day at home was out of the question.

Then we walked to the Arboretum and met Chris, who babysat while I walked to befriending and back to collect them again an hour later. We all walked back into town, where Chris went off to do some jobs and we did a little bit of shopping (we still have two weeks worth of meals planned out and bought for but we were out of washing powder, cereal, bread, milk and cheese). Jenna talked me into some mini marshmallows to dip in her hot milk (something my mum introduced her to recently).

After we had a sandwich we bussed it back home and had a video, a rest, a snack, and some stories. The girls are REALLY into their books again at the moment. We had months where the only stories they wanted were made up ones (or told from memory) and the weekly story session at the library which was fun more for the small-size tables and other children than for the quality of the stories being read! It suits me fine, I love the chance to sit with my two girls and a large book in my lap.

At about four o'clock we caught another bus back into town, and then the opposite bus up to Emma and Chris's house for tea. It was a lovely journey for once, although busses are getting easier with Morgan she still tends to fidget and pester and want to get down and play etc. Having had a snack and some quiet time but not an actual nap, she slept half of the way and chattered the other half. Jenna chatted at me ALL the way - about everything under the sun. It must be being in a confined but public space that makes her want to tell me all about everything, but thankfully we managed to steer around topics such as death, childbirth, mummy's nipples, periods, sex... Talk about picking your moment to ask awquard questions. "Did the first ever person have a mummy and daddy?"

Last night she asked Martin at bedtime, "Who made God?"

Anyhow, Emma and Chris, lovely tea, lots of talk, board games (I've got to get the one we played tonight, can't remember what it was called though!) and a taxi home because the busses are rubbish in the evenings. When Morgan cried in the taxi Jenna gave her her doll, Lily, who she has been protecting from Morgan all evening. Sometimes those little thoughtful moments just shine out, and I think I'm not doing so badly after all. Never take too much credit, never take too much blame.

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