23 June 2008

Day in the life of unschooling tinies (Summer 2008)

About time we did another day in the life, right? Well it's a monday so as good as any other, and we're not planning on going anywhere much so let's see how the rest of the day pans out. :)

9am I can hear the girls next to me with the djembe out. They are making rain sounds on it with finger tips and calling to each other to make it louder or softer. Morgan keeps saying "shhhh!" and then they play softly for a moment, before building up to the previous volume again. Jenna has done some lightning on the cymbals too but I have to put a stop to that because we have neighbours who may be sleeping in!

9.30am There is a DVD in (the Clangers) and Jenna is speculating about building a rocket ship. We all have breakfast.

9.45am There is a little world laid out on the living room floor with sheets, slings and playsilks. There is a hill with a castle on it, a forest, a river with a troll bridge... Jenna has been making up stories and I tell one too, she helps do voices for the characters (cocoon baby gnomes and some wooden families from the dolls house).

10.30am Most of the sheets are away but the girls are competing to build bigger and better castles now. Morgan cheats by knocking Jenna's over but they both just laugh about it. Jenna is trying to guess how many bricks tall she can make it, and guesses the height of some of her toys in "big bricks and small bricks".

11am The Clangers DVD has gone back on (Jenna turned everything on and put the disk back in herself) - she has made a rocket ship but doesn't think it's very like the one she is watching on the TV. Perhaps she'll have another go later or maybe not. If I have the energy I might get out some craft things that could be helpful.

We make some jewellery, because she wants a crown of leaves and a necklace of raindrops. I've not been watching the DVD closely but I'm fairly sure she can't have got the *entire* idea from there. After that we have a snack and experiment with making our own herbal tea bags with some amusing results.

12 noon We have read some story books and played one of Jenna's new games. She gets me to write words that she likes and then guesses which one is which word. She often surprises me with the ones that she knows or can guess, and how she guessed them ("that one says Jellyfish because it ends in Fish"). Then I have to draw pictures for them, and she does a couple too. I rather like her shark but she says mine looks more bitey.

We walk to the shops to get some bread for lunch and she helps me sort out what we're going to eat. She makes a drink for herself and one for Morgan and spends a couple of minutes puzzling over how to put the sippy cup together. Eventually I'm asked to help and I do. The girls have put away the last of the bricks but got out all the musical instruments and are making a racket. They say it's space music, or at least Jenna does, but space music has to go away so we can have lunch.

1.30pm We have some cooking to do for the freezer, and Jenna chops some mushrooms and carrots. Morgan likes to stir and we make soup and two lasagnes. Jenna wants to choose which herbs and spices to put in but I think better of it this time.

2pm We water the plants and cut some flowers in the garden. Jenna spends some time digging in her spot at the bottom of the garden and Morgan carries water up and down from the water butt to make it nice and muddy down there.

3pm The girls need a quick wash and I put some clothes in the machine, Jenna adds the powder and vinegar and presses the buttons to start it off. She remembers that she didn't feed the birds and goes off down the garden again and when she comes in we read some more stories.

3.30pm Both of them seem tired but are still playing quiet games with the dolls. Jenna is nursing her baby and seems spaced out but Morgan is in the comfort corner singing loudly with Mumble the penguin so I don't think they will have naps yet.

3.45pm I have copied some animal pictures from the stories we read and Jenna is colouring them with Morgan "helping" - mostly by eating the crayons. I want to play a sorting game with them but Jenna is getting a bit fractious now and getting cross with Morgan. We decide that it's nap time but Jenna doesn't want to go yet. I give her a five minute warning and she calms down and says that is OK.

4pm Jenna and her dolly have gone for a rest and seem quiet up there. Morgan has a feed, sleeps for about half an hour, then gets up and drags the tree blocks back out to do some more building.

5pm Tea goes in the oven and I wake Jenna up to come and have some. Martin will be home any minute and Morgan is dozing again in the comfort corner. Probably we'll have to show off the crafts, and the pictures I took of the towers they made, and that will be it for todays work!

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