29 February 2012

Inspiring me, right now...

I really am going to get round to this, any day now, even though I find wet felting a bit of a trial to be honest...  One of those things where I love the finished articles, but get sooo bored of the craft itself.  Sorry, avid felting fans.  (Tutorial from Rhythm of the Home archives. I am so glad I found this. Perfect for popping a little present into.)

Karna Erickson makes these sculpture/toy/madness/things. I am in love.  They are just fabric fabulousness.the dwelling
(Did you ever see anything so awesome? She has an Etsy shop, too.)

Grain-free dairy-free brownies - I have to try baking these for allergy-prone family. :)

Cute bunny egg cozies (or finger puppets, why not?!):
I am so sure I can make something like these for the girls for Easter! Now where did I put that wool felt?

Screen printing tutorial from Avie Designs, another activity we're going to try.  Soon.  Hmm, when have I heard myself say that before?  Perhaps Pinterest is facilitating that well-known problem - too many things on the to-do list!

Doesn't it look like fun, though?


  1. I know what you mean...I try and stay away from Pinterest for that very reason (obviously that doesn't always work though!)

  2. I know what you mean with wet felting - I love it but wish it was a bit quicker sometimes!

    Love the screen printing idea, have done some similar things but that looks good so off to check on the link.

    I still can't seem to find the time to even add things to my pinterest, let alone do the stuff lol! Will be more organised one day!

    Love that fabric tree/toadstool house!

  3. Tree house, ME WANT NOW!!! That is truly gorgeous!


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