4 February 2012

Seven Days

Friends to stay, this week, Leanne and Cerys and so a pretty busy house. :) After the first day, Cerys got sick, and has been fairly out of it until over halfway through the week. Poor sleepy sicky baby. Thank goodness everyone else has remained well. Ashleigh is also in Derby. And the health visitor came on Monday to find a house absolutely full of people!
Last Saturday we headed into town, had soup in the vegan cafe above the wholefoods shop, threw some grain to (at) the ducks, and did some activities at the RSPB stands.
That evening we abandoned our guests as Martin's aunt turned 75. I hate family parties, but the children had a wonderful time and it wasn't as painful as I expected in general. Jenna found a little girl she last met five years ago in the exact same way - and oh the drama. Actual screaming and crying. Oh dear. I didn't roll my eyes, but it was a close thing. (Jenna is really good at drama these days, we hear her playing upstairs and she's talking laughing crying squealing and screaming so enthusiastically it sounds like there might be ten little girls up there playing!)
Sunday, Church, then the park and community cafe (hot chocolate was entirely necessary in the pale frosty afternoon) and a spell sitting watching the birds for the RSPB bird count.
As Cerys started to recover she was a little less sleepy, but still not her usual bright-eyed self. (Love this picture of big baby and little baby!)
Tali has been grinning away at everyone all week, and I finally managed to get a photograph of those cheeky dimples. I find myself talking in a silly baby-talk voice to her, allll the time. She's that darn cute. I have rarely ever talked baby-talk to any of them, but Talia seems to adore it, and I naturally oblige.
Thurday, baking day. Yummy bread. This cheeky monkey Rowan has kept us well entertained with some of her antics this week. I am finding it so important to remember to keep a sense of humour with this one right now. ;)
Ashleigh has knitted a jumper for Cerys, longies for Tali, and is now halfway through knitting the February cardigan for Talia too. By comparison I have barely managed one little vest in a chunky yarn! Companionable knitting: one of my favourite things.
Cerys sleeping much more peacefully (and now she's well, it is by FAR the easiest time to get pictures of her because she is just so busy!) on the rainbow blanket Leanne knitted for us.
Another random picture of my living room.
Two big girls playing with peg dollies. Cerys was an apreciative audience!
And one last picture of this quickly-growing tiny one. Such a fat little happy baby right now! Things are just ticking along in such an undramatic, easy way, even with so much busy-ness and friends here and everything. It has been a relaxed lovely week. I love my life. :)


  1. What a wonderful busy week. And Talia looks as if she is growing very well with all this love and milk.

  2. I just love those chunky cheeks on Talia!! I also love the drama of girls--Ingrid is the same way and will have these conversations with her toys that have every emotion possible :)

  3. oooh looks so much fun. Ok when can I come visit? lol. I wanna visit! ;-)

  4. Tali does have huge dimply hamster cheeks. :)

    Joxy, come visit any time, honestly! We'd love to have you. (You'd have to bring an inflatable mattress though, as we don't currently have a spare bed though we do have a spare room.) xxx

  5. such a lovely week some lovely things happening!!


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