11 February 2012

Catch up: Climbing

How can we have not discovered AlterRock before? We only live a couple of streets away! And it's AWESOME! :)
My whole family went, for my mum's birthday, though of all the children only Jenna could climb without a parent first doing a training course. The others didn't mind (and got a little turn at the end anyway, because the instructors made time for them especially).
The disused church building is gorgeous.
As I saw Jenna do this, through my lens, I rushed out a "FEET DOWN NOW!" and thankfully she did. This is NOT what a traversing wall is for...
She is like a little spider, I swear.
We took a list of prices home, and can go again pretty cheaply, so we are really excited to go again. It was a wonderful day.
(And yesterday's whine? Well, I'm not feeling much better to be honest - about colic, toddler night-waking, or my abilities as a mother - but I did clean the heck out of my living room last night before bed and that provided its usual odd kind of solace. I really do believe that it will get better. In fact, I'm clinging on to that like it was the life belt and I a drowning woman.)


  1. I can't believe its in such a beautiful building! I guess thats how they do things in Europe :-)

  2. Sounds great - fab photos of Jenna :-)

  3. Hi. I sympathise with the night waking. Esther's rarely sleeping through the night at the moment. She'd much rather sleep and cuddle with mummy than sleep on her own. And most of the time I let her in because I can't be bothered to get up and put her in her own bed and then put up with her crying (which will probably wake Joel up). However, I don't sleep very well with her in bed with me so as well as you I am one tired mummy! I'm hoping she'll sleep better when the weather warms up a bit.

    Love and hugs.

    H x


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