7 February 2012

To Town

This is the way we walk to town. The middle two *have* to hold hands along the main road - I have found the only way I can take all of them out on my own is if I insist they either hold on to me or to each other. If they let go, I stand still and refuse to budge until they hold on again! I find town a bit scary and intimidating on my own still, and expect to for years yet.
We play a lot of "stop and go" still as well. They actually ask to play it - and we get such funny looks in town when I call out "stop" and even Rowan freezes in mid step.
Always time for a stop to jump in leaves! And here is where we most often head: to the library. :) The museum have a new gallery too, and another being worked on right now, and it's so exciting to rediscover somewhere so familiar - somewhere we go on average two or three times a month. They have worked so hard to make interesting accessible displays.
And this is what often happens before we head home... A stop at the Yaffle Cafe over the wholefoods shop, for herbal teas and vegan cupcakes. They are so tollerant of the children, it's such a friendly place to stop for a chat and a rest and a hot drink.
These pictures are from our time offline, but could be of just any week - the clothes change, the children's hair is more (or less) brushed, the weather (and coats and shoes) are different sometimes, but this is the same trip we make almost weekly. The years go on, and still we head off to the library. It's unbelievably reassuring that I can still manage it with four, now!


  1. I love cafes that are tolerant of kids! we have a coffee shop a block away that has a little corner for the littles, it's the best!

  2. Ahh Sarah, isn't ordinary life just wonderful and wow look at those 3 very big girls on the first photo.
    Our librarian became a good friend after going with my older ones for so many years :)
    sue x

  3. There is no way I could play a stop and go game with Pip... she's in training for the three minute mile and given any chance just loves to see her mama, playing chase!!

    Needless to say she's on reigns at all times!!

    San xx


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