5 February 2012

A Day Out

Martin's sister Alison took us to Nottingham for the day. We started off visiting Nottingham Contemporary and having hot chocolate. It was SO child friendly there, I can't wait to go back and explore the galleries properly. Soon. The cafe even had a bunch of fab children's books and interesting creative drawing sheets for them at the table, so they sat for slightly longer.
We headed for pizza, where I had great difficulty getting the children to stay anywhere near our table (well, mostly Jenna). She is fully in that dramatic phase where everyone is picking on her when they ask her to do *anything*, etc. I feel like a terrible mother for finding it so trying, but the seven year old Full Scale Drama is wearing sometimes. This was one of those days. In all other respects a wonderful wonderful day out, I found myself getting snappy with Jenna when she just wanted to run around and basically act like a little kid.

The castle grounds and museum were much better places for running around! I was so glad we went there next.
This wonderful wonderful play area was set up on the top floor. Very beautiful, Waldorf open ended type area, I just wanted to live there!
Talia was asleep by the time we got out, and we watched the sun set from the top of the hill before heading home. This was my favourite part of the whole day in so many ways. Rowan had had three accidents, which never ever happens any more so we barely managed to find changes of clothes for her from the bag. Having the spare clothes, and spare sling, was really an absolute lifesaver that day! But standing on the hill, looking at that sun, with all four children contented... The day ended just perfectly. :)

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