10 February 2012


Ashleigh and I gave the girls a canvas each and a selection of acrylics and just stood back and watched the chaos ensue. I *love* how different their approaches were. Jenna started with a clear idea of what she wanted, got bored of that, and started just throwing paint at the canvas and making big bold sweeps of colour and texture. Her painting is called An Explosion of Colour. She keeps asking us if we think it's "good" and if we like the name she gave it.
Morgan was slow, meticulous, wanted every bit of canvas coloured. She worked on a small scale, carefully mixing colours and placing a shape here, a shape there. About halfway she saw the "big picture" in what she was doing, and started being more definite about what her picture was "of". Her painting is called Girl and Butterflies. (The girl, in gold, has a red bindhi on her forehead.)
Rowan wanted to mix colours on the canvas, and was very specific about which colours she wanted to use. She got terribly cross with me when I started being motherly and making "helpful" suggestions. She painted energetically and finished quickly. It was then more than tricky to keep her off her sisters' canvasses! Her picture is called Swirls. (She just told me, "Is called Swirls, because I maked swirls, all over, all purple. Lots of swirls.")

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  1. These are brilliant, I have never given Oscar acrylics or canvas, but I intend to when its better weather. I saw a post (someplace, such a sieve brain me), and the little guy had a HUGE canvas and half a dozen mini paint rollers and trays with a different colour in each. It looked like brilliant fun but the size of the canvas definitely meant it was an outside craft. Do you have 'The Works' where you are? They have pretty inexpensive canvases of all sizes :)


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