26 February 2012


Isn't this baby just DELICIOUS? :)
No matter what the problem, she is always happier in water.  She stays in the swimming pool for almost an hour before getting tired!  She'd stay in the bath all day if she could.

Oh how blessed I am. So so so blessed.

There is just nothing like these baby days. I feel in my heart that she is likely my last baby, yet I can't feel anything but happy - happy we had her, blessed to know her, peaceful to move forwards to whatever our family will be and do next... Her laughter fills me up, right now. She is perfect.


  1. Oh she is so so delicious! :)
    I wish i was nearer to have a snuggle. ;) x

  2. Are you coming camping in June?? :) I know she'll be much bigger by then! If you're ever coming this way, you'd be welcome to come and share a meal and a natter and baby cuddles. :)

  3. She really is beautiful :) I am and always have been quite certain that J is my last baby and actually I think I enjoy her all the more for that. I don't feel sad, I feel blessed.

  4. She is utterly utterly perfect! I am loving hearing about you and her. It is wonderful to see you enjoying her so much. Also it is a inspiration to read. I am in my second trimester (just) of this new pregnancy number four and ever hopeful I will find my busy days as joyful as you find yours :) Much love,

    Claire xoxoxo

  5. Ahh sarah, yes, you are indeed very blessed. xx


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