27 February 2012

How the weeks fly by!

And the years, too. Goodness. To see Rowan, sitting on a bench in the sun, such a proper little girl now, talking to herself and making her hands walk and dance and talk in her lap - who needs toys for creative play? Oh wow. She is just flying off and up and away from me, isn't she?
Jenna bought a geometry set in a charity shop on the way home from story time at the library this morning. She wanted it so badly she spent her own money on it. And couldn't wait to get home to play.
DSC04355 DSC04353
She really surprised me here, honestly. She figured out so many important rules of geometry on her own, just messing about. When I drew her a page full of triangles she sat and measured all the angles, adding the numbers up just to see what happened, I have never seen her add numbers larger than ten before (without serious pushing by me, anyhow)! ;) How many reminders do I need to simply TRUST?!
I sewed the buttons on the Spring Pebble. Talia wasn't terribly impressed that I wanted to try it on her in her afternoon colicky period. But I like the sweet little vest (and the miserable baby wearing it). Today went quite fast (oh, apart from the crying times) and when I realised Martin was already overdue from work and I hadn't even started anything for tea it became a chips-for-tea kind of a day too. On the other hand: DSC04369 DSC04370
We have been outdoors and in, busy and quiet; Jenna and Morgan put on a magic show, Jenna read Where the Wild Things Are and Blueberry Girl to Roo, Morgan played with her alphabet cards and a wall chart I made for her, Tali cried and nursed and smiled at her Grandma (a lot), and they all watched Peppa Pig until I thought I couldn't bear to hear the theme tune ONE more time. Yet another wondrously magical ordinary day.


  1. Great day indeed. I have just read a post on another blog about TRUST - we should do it more. Talia is so beautiful - and she looks just like you these days. xxx

  2. Haha, there are 2 things specifically banned in my house (children's TV wise), and that's Spongebob and Peppa Pig. My nieces and nephews watched them at my Mum's house before Oscar came along and I swore they would never be on my TV. Noddy, Pingu and Scooby Doo are quite enough thanks. lol
    The pebble vest has lovely colours, is that the James C Brett? I may have to try it.

  3. Hooray for magically ordinary days! And time flies so fast! It's so true. I remember you announcing you were pregnant with Rowan on the GP forum. So long ago now! :)
    The spring pebble looks almost as gorgeous as the little one wearing it! ;) x

  4. Haha Spongebob, Garfield, Numberjacks, and Dora are banned here - any time I'm in the house at least!

    The yarn is James C Brett - Passion, in colour 01. It's not so grey as the pictures, really lovely and softspun and really doesn't feel squeaky-acrylic. :)

  5. **sob** Beautiful photos, love the vest. Sigh... yes still ill. Not quite sure what it is I have, I have no energy at all just getting up and going downstairs for a drink exhausts me. I daren't come darling, I do not want to risk inflicting whatever it is I have on you. The last thing you need to be laid low with something that zaps all energy!

    P.S I love Jenna's skirt!


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