24 February 2012

Simply Doing

Well, what have we been up to the last couple of days? Hmm, well yesterday afternoon was pretty much a disaster. Tali cried solidly for two hours again, and I cried too at one point, and eventually shouted at her to stop it (!) and she peed on me, laughed, and finally fell asleep in my arms. Right. 

There are times now when the crying is just overwhelming, and it physically hurts to hear her so unhappy and be able to do nothing but be there for her.  It's hard to let myself off that emotional hook; that if she is crying I must be failing to meet her needs somehow.  All that, "AP babies don't cry" nonsense.  I sit there and stroke her head and repeat over and over to myself "love is enough, love is enough".  That was one hell of an afternoon, anyway, but at least she went to sleep happy!

The Season Table got a Spring update yesterday.  This makes me smile.DSC04278
I did a bit of knitting too, on Tali's Pebble.
DSC04279 DSC04270
Jenna played reading eggs, wrote her own "spy language", translated a page of pig pen code after I showed her how that one works, and made a necklace for a friend.  And here was me having a panic last month that she wasn't often interested in reading or writing activites and resisted anything I suggested like I was offering her poison...
DSC04280 DSC04281
Babywearing mini so mama could make tea a bit more easily... DSC04263
Then today we headed out to the museum.
DSC04284 DSC04291 DSC04294 DSC04296
I sorted my kitchen shelves out. :)  I refuse to show you a picture of how badly they needed cleaning.
We also finally had some tax credits for Talia, which meant treats this week! New shoes, rainbow tights, cusinaire rods, mini tea set, and Waldorf alphabet cards. You wouldn't believe how long we've been waiting to get some of those things!

We did try to get Jenna shoes recently, but she vetoed every sensible option and we ended up with a cheap too-big pair of gold suede boots that she fell in love with.  It's such a relief to have nice practical shoes for her now!  And they were on sale too, Mountain Warehouse, £7.50.  Seriously happy.
I think we're going to end up having a sofa day tomorrow though - by the time we got home from town today Jenna was complaining of a headache and feeling tired and hot, and since then the three little ones have all developed runny noses.  Looks like another cold, and another couple of quiet days for us while they recover.  At least it's now warm enough for us to still get some fresh air while they're ill.  And who knows, maybe this will just be a day or so...


  1. Lovely post, love the rainbow tights and teapot :-)


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