8 February 2012


At the library yesterday I found two authors I like, and came home with a big pile of books. :) I read one of the Michelle Paver Chronicles of Ancient Darkness books (awesome) in the afternoon, while Tali did her usual post-town nurse-in thing. :)

So, anyway, that was... um... a whole night ago... so now I'm reading this: Graceling by Kristin Cashore. It's *really* good solid interesting original fantasy. Yay! I have another book by her in my bag, so I'll let you know how that one works out. Happy happy happy!
As you can see, I have also been crocheting stars. I LOVE these, really fast and bright and fun. I'm going to block them and put them on a string to hang somewhere in my rainbow house. :) And then, who knows? I'd like to make a string of granny stars for the small bedroom, a pixie hat for Tali that will take forever because it's ultra-thin merino yarn, a couple of little crochet bags, a granny-square hat in something light and cotton... Too much choice, so little time! Yay, lots more projects and inspiration. :)

These are the things, the little in-between stolen down-time moments, that make me feel like *me*. Not just a wife, mother, breastfeeder, homeschooler, any of my many daily roles... Just me. Reading, crafting, drawing, writing. Happy.


  1. Wow! Thats some fast reading! Good thing you got a big pile of books! ah, what a lovely post, kinda how I feel about my crafting, its totally my non-doctor thing! :)

  2. I'm reading Graceling too...Hunger Games is good too x x

  3. Those stars look great, I'm sure they'll look fab hung up. I find that little bit of me time so important too, it's lovely to just have that little bit of crafty time.

  4. Still haven't blocked the stars, but I do love them. The colours are great! :)

  5. Do you have a pattern for those stars? x

  6. http://foothillhomecompanion.blogspot.com/2011/02/crochet-star-pattern.html :)


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