3 February 2012

Belated Knitting and Reading

Knitting: Concentric Stripes newborn cardigan, but as a swing cardi with short sleeves, and in the lovely self-striping Riot. This cardigan has flown off the needles really, for saying I am constantly interrupted and rarely knit for a solid half hour in one go. I have been working on it for about three days of snatched minutes here and there. It's fab. But is going to be far far too big for Tali to wear yet.

Reading: the third of these historical novels by Matthew Plampin I have read in a week. They are OK. Just not the best historical fiction I've read this year. I am finding I want to keep reading, but they feel like stop-gap books to me, the kind of thing I can devour by the dozen on my way to finding the next thing I really truly love.

I just finished re-reading Mythago Wood, which I got a lot more from this time around, but wasn't the most fabulous fantasy I've read this year either. (I know - this year! - I get through a lot of books, OK?) I am lacking in library inspiration at the moment. I need a really good series to carry me away, something that will keep me in new-to-me books for a while.


  1. Hiya, have you read The Game Of Thrones book series? I have the first 2 and they are brilliant.

  2. Thanks for the advice! :) I'll look them up. :)


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