21 February 2012

Busy Days

Yesterday we went to Story Time at the library, then straight on to Sling Meet where we had dinner, before picking up some shopping on our way to Emma's house. Martin literally dropped us off at the door before going to work, so the girls and I took a taxi home just in time to make tea. Yes, so, a busy day. Martin found it very stressful, whereas I really enjoyed it and found myself not getting nearly so stressed with the children as I often do in town! I got this picture of the children just before our taxi came, all around Em's dining table using up her lovely oil pastels. :) DSC04189
How happy Connor was to see them! It was so gratifying to arrive to his cheeky little smiles. :) Today we spent the day at Wollaton Hall. Ah, I'll stop wittering on and let the pictures tell the story. DSC04219 DSC04220 DSC04227
 Tali always sleeps so peacefully in the sling on her Daddy. *jealous* DSC04232
Morgan's drawing of a grass snake. :) They all took their journals again and drew some of the interesting random natural history exhibits in the big glass cases. DSC04228
 Then outside to walk... This may be my favourite picture in a while... DSC04234 DSC04238
That's how *I* have to carry the baby. She will NOT go in a sling for me, and only stops howling when I face her outwards and bounce her. I feel like a right idiot, carrying my tiny newborn baby around town like this, wearing a sling she will not tolerate for anything. DSC04250 DSC04242
 By the lake we stop for little boo to have her own little picnic... DSC04256 DSC04259
 As you can see, Rowan was very tired by then! It felt like a long long trek back to the car. DSC04257
Then pancakes and toffee apple cheesecake for tea - not so healthy but very nice! :)

 OK, so *limited* wittering... ;)

 Tomorrow is going to be pretty mad as well, Wednesday usually is as it's swim day and the children are even hungrier than usual. We tend to feed them their first lunch at 11am, then a picnic when we get out of the swimming baths at about 2pm, and their normal (large) snack at 4pm! I make a whole loaf of sandwiches and pack a flask of smoothie and some fruit and biscuits and things for our picnic. And they're only very little now, I can just imagine how much food they will eat in ten years time!

 I think the crazy-busy thing is me attempting to compensate for the usual slump at this time of year... I will drag us into Spring by hook or by crook! I'm still surprised how much energy I have right now, but I'm not going to complain. It's unusual for me, but very good. I just hope I don't burnt out, or burn any of the family out, on the manic busy-ness...

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  1. I say do what you can while you feel motivated!! I'm usually not busy either, but when I actually feel up to it, I guess I'm making up for those weeks when I just want to sit inside and be cozy and hibernate.

    I cannot believe how big Talia is already! All four girls are looking lovely and happy, so nice to see!


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