18 February 2012


How often I sit down to write and just don't know where to start. Which stories to include, which days to list off here as typical of my life right now, which pictures. So much is missed out. I could talk about yesterday and how very long it felt - how Morgan and Jenna bickered over every little thing, how they all kept waking Talia just as she got off to sleep, how I shouted and longed for Martin to get home from work.

I could tell about all of the fun days out in the past two weeks. Bowling (Ashleigh treated us) and Cinema (we treated Ashleigh)... The Muppet Movie was AWESOME and Tali actually sat up looking at the screen and at us, grinning and chatting quietly, instead of feeding through it like I expected her to. We've been swimming twice, to the museum again and *still* not got pictures of the new exhibition, and we've taken some lovely walks in the increasingly warm weather. And through all of this, the camera has been a nuisance and stopped communicating with the laptop.

Talia is less and less colicky, which is so soon and I am SO grateful. She is so very sociable, a baby who doesn't like being in the sling unless she's asleep, and actively asks to be passed to people. She beams constantly at everyone, charming checkout assistants and librarians, cooing and grinning and flapping her arms at everyone we meet. She made an elderly gentleman at Derby City Mission cry, incredulous that she could like him "old and broken" as he described himself.

She loves water. She stayed in the pool for almost an hour when we went for a swim two days ago. Little blue hands, yet still beaming away and pulling funny raised-eyebrows faces at the shimmering surface of the water. She was in the bath for an hour this morning, too, nursing a little then letting go to beam at me. I love it when they do that.

And now my observations are cut short, haha. I am needed again. But life is good. :)


Penny for your thoughts? :)