25 February 2012

Sick Day

Yup, I was right. Sofa days it is...
On the up side, we did some star-gazing and planet-watching last night. :) Excuse the street lamps - this is the crescent moon with Venus and Jupiter above it! Awesome! :) DSC04301
I made raw date and raisin balls for an easy healthy food fix. Of course, we then ate macaroni cheese for lunch so perhaps that cancels it out. ;)
Everyone did some painting after breakfast. It's our usual activity for Friday but we ended up going out instead. I finally have some baby food jars to store the mixed watercolours in, so hopefully less will get wasted now. Also, the little glass jars are aesthetically pleasing in an odd sort of way. If I had any skill at woodworking I'd make a little tray to stand them in, too, because that's how my brain works. :) DSC04327
Some block building was Rowan's choice for things to do today. Then the girls all curled up with blankets and watched Aladdin, and then played with the doll house for a bit. It has been one of those simple quiet days.
Morgan's alphabet cards arrived from Myriad and the three bigger children all played with those, and Tali did some random crying while I sat helplessly. She is really snotty and keeps dry-retching. :( Then I finished knitting her Pebble while she napped fitfully, sobbing and making little snorty piglet noises every now and again.

 Apart from Tali crying, it has been really quiet here today. I don't like them being ill, but I have to admit I've kind of liked the peacefulness and the quiet play. Recently a lot of their creative play has been LOUD dashing around acting things out kind of play, so this is a nice counterpoint!  I just hope they are all happier soon.
All in all, we're doing fine. Get well soon, poorly babies.


  1. I just popped on for 10 minutes between blowing my nose and feeling sorry for myself. You have my every sympathy, I wish there was more camaraderie in the sharing the lurgy, don't you lol. I am off to bed with my knitting a book some tissues and some green tea and honey, I hope you guys are all tucked up too.


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