19 February 2012

Seven Days

Aha! I have pictures of this week! Though as usual I'm more or less *un*successful at choosing one a day... Still, I'll make up the rules as I go along eh? ;)

Last Sunday on the park after church...
We sometimes get some very funny looks (and even outright panic) from strangers seeing a newborn carried around by siblings... I am so confident that they are trustworthy and that babies are pretty robust little creatures, and I know it's an unusual sight in our culture, but I wish people would panic quietly and not startle the children with it...

Jenna and friends back at the same park on Wednesday before swimming...
Tali on her tummy, trying to propel herself, then pushing up to look at me...
A first meeting with a great-grandma...
Coming back from the last day of the holiday club Jenna went to...
Tali is totally covered in that picture by a teddy bear her great grandma gave us - Jenna just *keeps on* putting it on her, but she just pushes it off with the normal small baby disinterest in anything that isn't a person. (She does love mirrors though; watching her trying to out-beam her own reflection gives me hours of amusement!)

And four sweet girlies late on Saturday night after a trip to see Jenna's friend Jeremy in the pantomime. :)
Another week gone in the blink of an eye!


  1. Fabulous week - how quickly the time flashes by. Talia looks great - such bright alert eyes. Love the photo with her Great Grandma xxx

  2. She is such a bright-eyed baby! I love that she often pokes her tongue out or accidentally winks when smiling really broadly: that scrunched up smile at my Grandma is so typical of her. She pulls truly fabulously silly faces when she's happy, and nobody can help laughing, which makes her smile even more!

  3. Oooh I am so looking forward to seeing you all again, and enjoying some baby cuddles... well assuming your girls can be pursuaded to share. lol. I know I wouldn't want to.

    And oh, I do love the photo of Morgan holding Tali; the utter joy and pride in her face is beautiful.

  4. Gosh, how grown up does morgan look in that first picture??? In the preview I thought she was Jenna! Then realised she didnt look like Jenna :)

  5. lovely photos :) We too get funny looks when Mia and Tarka carry Jahara around!
    lots of love Gina xxx


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