25 February 2012

1001 Objects

1001 objects from Derby Museum archives, displayed by material rather than function or dating. We love love love this new gallery. It is so beautiful and accessible. We used to use this room as a corridor to the rest of the museum, just walking by the huge Hanson Log Boat that is the centre of this big new exhibition. DSC04286
Splinters of Wood
You can see a case of similarly shaped wooden objects right at the front, all different in purpose, period, etc, only the material in common. A wooden crocodile sculpture from Africa besides a weaving shuttle from the next county. The secret draw underneath has a display of different butter paddles. We love that you have to look in the guide to find out what things are - so you have chance to guess and discuss objects before you read the description that goes with.

Fragments of Bone
Roo always points out the huge lobster, he makes her laugh (and yes, he is a he, according to Rowan anyway).

 The cabinet full of new ways to experience the objects in the gallery - magnifying glasses, bug-eye lenses, coloured acetate, coloured lenses, torches with picture slides, bark and other textured pieces to play with, drawing things and scrapbooking papers to respond on... Such a wonderful idea.
DSC04288 DSC04285

Shards of Glass
We like the heart-shaped hand made double vessel, the poison bottles, and the old glass milk bottles with really wide necks. I also can't help pointing out the Cox and Malin bottle (made locally) that we own a twin of!

This quern stone needed inspecting. Apparently the only way to use a magnifying glass properly is to press it right up to your face. :)
This is besides the cabinets titled, "Chips of Stone" with arrowheads displayed by size not by date, a model cathedral, stone marquetry jewellery, and a box for visitors to post their own pebble into.

I'm so impressed and delighted with the work that has been going on at the museum lately. We can't wait to be allowed into the newly refurbished art galleries too. :)

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  1. That looks like a wonderful place, I love the idea of the magnifying glasses it must really encourage to kids to really look and think indepth about the object.



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