1 March 2012

Very Ordinary

Another normal morning. The older children all head downstairs with Daddy and everyone else has eaten by the time Talia has had a bit of milk and been taken to the bathroom. I try not to drop my breakfast on her head while she stays attached, enjoying greeting the world from the warm familiarity of the breast. Occasionally she unlatches to make a funny little baby noise or to grin at me, dimply and perfect. DSC04415
It's another nothing kind of day as far as our plans go, so I tell the girls they are free to stay in their pyjamas if they like, and we bring percussion instruments to Circle just to ring the changes. DSC04422
We get books out, as we feel like it, and tell stories in one format or another. Morgan makes an E for Elf, and Jenna works on her handwork project from Tuesday - a chain of flowers. Jenna measures ingredients for bread and Morgan mixes.
DSC04404 DSC04409
We do a bit of playing with building planks, a bit of measuring with cusinaire rods, a bit of mandala puzzle and a bit more reading of picture books.
Jenna and Morgan play at being spies. They all drink another jug of nursery tea between them (cordial made up with chamomile tea). They have sandwiches for lunch, and watch the animated Where the Wild Things Are afterwards. The bread gets a good knead, and the children take turns, standing on a stool to reach.

I get treated to a puppet show.
They eat a bowl of pasta and half a grapefruit for snack, and then sort all their laundry with a promise that I'll put the baby down to dig out a packet of pistachios when they're done: what a treat!

Two big girls play Lego StarWars while two little ones have a nap.  Mummy gets to do washing and clean the oven.  Fun.  ;)
They only play for about fifteen minutes, unusually, before they run off to play spies again... and a while later they come back downstairs playing princesses instead!
Now Rowan is awake again; and I am about to start making tea with three helpers to hold the baby, chop vegetables, and stir the soup, rotating tasks every few minutes. :)

This is about as typical a day as we ever have. As I said to Ashleigh on the phone last night, it's very rock and roll isn't it? ;) I'm not complaining, though. Glamorous? Not so much. Precious, oh yes, it certainly is that. (And it is roughly a billion times easier to be content with after a couple of nights' sleep!)


  1. Hooray for ordinary days, mine was ordinary too, only I didn't pick up the camera, lol. Nursery tea sounds interesting, may have to try the little guy with some tomorrow. And funnily enough we hunted high and low for our copy of that DVD yesterday and cant find it, no doubt it will re-appear when we are looking for something else ;)

  2. sounds like a wonderfully perfect day! xx

  3. Lol, indeed! It's not always very rock and roll, the things that make up our lives! For me yesterday it was all of my broken hip patients getting to theatre safely! Woohoo! And finishing my 7 12-13hour days on call. Very rock and roll and glam! Normal day today then my 12days of back to back work are done!! Yay! :) hope there's something ordinary for you to be happy about today.


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