22 March 2012

Three Months

Another post I have been intending to write for over a week now. I suppose I've been fighting it, haha, not wanting to really sit down and acknowledge that we are undeniably past "newborn".
She is constantly damp around the chin - and the hands - because she loves to chew on things, especially her own forefinger.

She has been having a growth spurt in a big way and is unfillable this week! Milk milk milk milk! But somehow those little fat hamster cheeks are still slimming out as she puts on some leg length instead! She looks very grown up sometimes, and I find myself heart-sore with trying to remember just how she felt in my arms when she was squishy and tone-less and red and new.

She is so kissable, I kiss her like a mad woman, over and over while she chortles and tries to grab my chin.

The older sisters adore her, even if they do sometimes pile her up with toys...
She is curious and funny and intensely nosy. She loves to talk to people, and wave and grin at them, and she insists on being held facing outwards whenever possible. She is very very chatty and vocal, verbalising her feelings in soft sweet grunts and half-word-sounds.
She grasps things we wave at her, and puts them to her mouth. I have bruises on my legs from those kicky feet. I want to write it ALL. I feel like I miss her already, even while she's still here.
It goes too fast.


  1. How amazing it is to see babies unfurl and become these amazing funny clever little creatures. And not to mention cute cute cute lol.

  2. It's such a priviledge. She really is unfurling. Her laugh is *exactly* how I knew it would be; how my sweet soul-sister Denise heard it before she was even born. Denise, you were right. She is a sunshine daughter. xxx

  3. She is simply beautiful x x x


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