9 March 2012

I'll take it!

We have had some funny comments this week when out and about.  And some lovely ones too.  The lifeguard at the pool who said, "I don't mean this to be patronising, but I don't know how you do it, I'd go crazy!"  (My husband's response was, "Well, it helps that we were crazy to begin with, then...")  Later the same day another guy struck up conversation with us both, started looking around, and said, "Oh, blimey, are they all yours?"

(Maybe I'm stuck in the past a little, but four doesn't seem that many to me.)

In town on Monday we were stopped in a shop and complimented on our "lovely joyful" children, in the chocolate shop they gave Jenna a bag of free chocolates and said our three are some of the best behaved children who go in there, and in the library a lady we have known for years now told me she rarely meets such polite, kind children.

She told me she had seen a little boy kicking Morgan in the back, and poking her, and she had turned around and said, "Ow, that hurts me, I don't like to be kicked,"  and when that didn't put him off, she whipped back around and said, "I will not sit with people who hurt me," and moved herself away!  (Yay, Morgan!)

I have had a couple of weeks of feeling just that teeny bit negative about how Wild my three big girls are, especially the toddler amongst them.  It seems silly to take to heart so much the idea of what other people may think.  But gosh, it's such a boost when people can find nice things to say on days I'm feeling a bit down.  :)


  1. How awesome! I'm glad people recognize it, because we work so hard on making our children polite citizens :) Keep it up, lady!

    And you are a bit stuck in the past--four is a LOT! Lol!

  2. You are right of course, we shouldn't mind what other people say, but it is inevitable, be it good or bad (although for sure, some parents think their children do no wrong lol). I constantly have old ladies coming up to me and saying 'oh look how cozy he is, in his hand knits and blanket, they get freezing sitting still in the pram don't they'. To which I always say yes... and I know whats coming next, 'These young mum's they bring them out in these little pushchairs with thin coats and no blankets and no hats and mitts, the poor we mites are shaking with the cold'. I have honestly had the same thing said, over and over, which just goes to show that every aspect of parenting is up for criticism, its not only behavior. Sometimes I feel sad for the little children not being wrapped up properly and sometimes I think, for goodness sake, don't you have anything better to do than moan about young mums. I never said I wasn't fickle though haha.

  3. wow well done you. They are complements indeed and alway so needed.. Beacuse you know you love them no mater what but to hear other people say it just confurms it even more. Morgan must be such a gentle caring child. well done her! and you!! caroline x

  4. Recently she has been dreadful with her siblings, so it was extremely gratifying that she didn't turn around and wallop the little boy pestering her! (Morgan was chasing Rowan around the house with a stick earlier in the week LOL.)

  5. Hi, I've been reading your blog a while. I have four kids too, so know what you mean. Constantly hearing, "Are they all yours?", "How do you cope?", "You've got your hands full!" "Oh, you've had another one?!". It is lovely when someone comes up to you and gives a genuine compliment. Today, when Rebecca was helping her sister who had fell over, lots of people said how lovely it was. I love the old dears, who say it reminds them of when they had four (or more) little ones many years ago. They always say "Make the most of it" or "treasure this time" etc, but of course we know that. :-) Love to your family! Clairexxx


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