28 March 2012

Knitalong (A Reveal!)

No reading today, well, lots of reading but no different from last week!  Some knitting finished though.  :)

Those bright mystery stripes quickly turned out to be...  A Jellybean for Jude.  It's a Little Coffee Bean but in super-bright colours.  Rico Kids, wool-free but surprisingly great-feeling aran.
It's a tad disproportional because I misread the pattern, but hey perhaps that's an advantage with a little baby?  It certainly is bright, fun, soft, squishy, and I'm pretty happy with how it came out.  I will definitely be making more of those.

And Jenna's Shruglet is alllmost done too.  I screwed up, without a needle guage, and made it a tad big which meant I ran out of yarn (typical of me) but tis still a great fit and a very pretty project.  I might make another...  Yeah, add it to the list...  I'm working on a whole lot of other stuff too but, hey, this is meant to be me staying off the computer...


  1. It is utterly beautiful and we love it - thank you *so* much! Sorry not to have thanked you immediately - we have been super hectic with Passover prep, but it is fabulous! The weather has been a bit hot for it down south so far, but apparently we will be back to seasonal temps this week, so she will drfinatelu be wearing it! :)

    Thank you!

  2. You are so welcome, and I am really glad you love it. :) Passover preparation has had me running around like a headless chicken here too! I hope the cardi fits: I tried it on Tali and it was right on her but although she's older I suspect she's smaller! xxx

  3. It fits her beautifully - she has been wearing it today, as it has been very chilly - she looks fab; I will be posting a pic to facebook soon! She is a chunky one - 9lb 2 at birth, and she's clearly been putting on plenty since! :)


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