21 March 2012


Woah, when did it get around to Wednesday again? This past fortnight or so have flown by. I feel as if I'm overflowing with things I want to say, share, write out just to reorder and make sense of my thoughts. But the living of it is taking up all my time!

Right now I am knitting these beautiful fun stripes.
And that's as much as I'll tell you, because it's a gift and a surprise. So there. :P

I'm reading the most recent of the Song of Ice and Fire books, since it finally arrived after I reserved it at the library a month ago.

(This week I also read the two most recent Temeraire books as Emma hadn't got the time to read them herself. When I gave her Flight of Eagles back she said, "Already?! and I had to confess that I'd devoured both in two days and just not managed to bring the other to return to her!)

I have still not found the love for the Raymond Feist, so he is on the pile of "might get around to" things.
I am liking Dance with Dragons better than the last three books of the very long Song of Ice and Fire (Game of Thrones) series. It is *very* good so far. But the book is so ridiculously huge it's unwieldy to hold, and I can't carry it around with me. *sob* Ah well. More time for knitting I guess. ;) I'm going to cast on a hat, a cardi for Talia, a shawl, AND a dress commission in the next week or two. So many projects, so little time!


  1. I'm still wavering on reading the Game of Thrones books - partly because they are so huge!

    Your stripes are looking lovely :)

  2. Those are some yummy stripes emerging there! I look forward to the big reveal :-)

  3. Oooo a stripey surprise. I wonder what it will be?

  4. You are a busy bee :) I have enjoyed numerous Raymond E. Feist books before, but they take getting into.
    I keep putting off the Song of Ice and Fire series though.

  5. Are we allowed to guess? It reminds me of a blanket I made for my son - those exact colors plus black. In his case, it was a Spiderman blanket. :)

  6. I have to admit I used to be a really big reader before William but of late I haven't read much, nothing seems to catch my fancy. At the moment I am reading a Young Adult book by John Barrowman and his sister - Hollow Earth. It's actually pretty good and an easy read for me :) I plan to move to a Barbara Erskine novel next. Loving the stripes - will we see the finished product?

  7. Look forward to seeing what your striped project turns out to be. I have heard good things about the Game of Thrones series and it is high up on my to-read bookshelf!


  8. surprises are the best. your stripes are cute, and your babies are gorgeous. x lori

  9. Haha guess away, I don't think you'll get it from that angle! Claire, mamauk, might get it though haha... All will be revealed soon, I cast off today so it'll be on next week's post. :)

    Thankyou for the comment love, all of you! (And as biased as I am, I have to admit my babies are pretty beautiful.)


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