2 March 2012


There are Slyvanian families taking over! They adore them. And they do have a certain charm.
Plastic is back in my house, and in their toy baskets!
(Don't they "look" right, in that handmade wooden house?  I'm surprised how content I am with the decision, given how very right the decision felt, at the time, to not own plastic.)


  1. My house has tonnes of plastic lol. Oscar was offered loads and loads of the slyvanian families stuff from my niece, who has grown out of it. My sister bought it new over several years at great expense so it wasn't something to be gotten rid of. My Mum and me decided it could stay at my Mums house so that Oscar has something special to play with over there. He never forgets and every time an advert comes on for them, he says 'I have that from Lauren at my Granny's house' lol.

  2. sylvanians and playmobil are my comprimise with the no plastic rule too! Oh and lego! They all get so much play though that I dont feel too bad about it!

  3. sometimes you just have change and grow with the children. i would love them to just have wooden, but there are some things they just can't get in wooden and they love so very much. xx


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