3 March 2012

Saturday Unschooling

Constantly on holiday, or constantly at school?  I really can't tell which it is!

Today we have played with:
- the shopping list and later the till receipt from the supermarket
- cuisenaire rods (measuring things)
- squared paper (multiplication boxes)
- a calculator ("magic" sums)
- glass beakers, pennies, an egg, water, paper, and salt (lots of water related experiments)
- Main Lesson Books and crayons
- cartoons for over half an hour
- building blocks (making structures behind a screen to describe to each other)
- Ponyo on DVD
- Sylvanian families and the dolls house
- oranges (olive oil lamps with pith as the wick)
- lots of books including the Storyteller Bible, Blueberry Girl by Neil Gaiman, some Dr Seuss, and an illustrated 1001 Arabian Nights
- a pentatonic whistle
- watercolour paints and a big shared piece of paper
- a piece of dowel (making our own knitting needles)
- a recipe and some cupcake ingredients
(and it's only 3pm!)

Have we been messing about all day, or educating ourselves?
On the other hand, the carnations are stubbornly refusing to change colour after THREE days standing in their brightly coloured waters...


  1. I bet there is bound to be as scientific explanation of the carnation thing! You could then write that as your conclusion!!!

    Love reading about your days... the good, bad and the in between, they are always written with such honesty.

    Hugs to you

    San xx

  2. wow... that is a busy day! and how frustrating about the carnations. I had a similar disappointment with a supersaturated sugar solution, which was meant to make sugar crystal lollies... :-(

  3. Lol oh dear! We were going to try the sugar crystals soon, I wonder if we'll find the same! I'm tempted to try colouring celery next - apparently it's quicker and easier albeit less dramatic looking...


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