22 March 2012

Sunshine and swings

Yesterday we got to the park after swimming again, and stayed all afternoon.  Emma wrestled with some tricksy yarn, Ash knitted away at a pixie jacket for Talia, and I finished off those mysterious orange and blue stripes (successful pick-up-and-knit, proud)!

Lazy parenting in action (both on the crafting mamas part, and the daddies, who lay back and let the children do all the work)!

Connor adores Jenna, and follows her around.  She is very patient with all of the little ones, mostly.  I need to remember that when I'm frustrated with her tiring of their constant presence.

Sun in Morgan's eyes!

Me plus bean, plus shameful bought bread picnic behind us.  ;)

Children, just being children, in the sun.




Um, yes.  And the husbands, too, being children.  :)

Well, if I hadn't wanted to finish the knitting so badly I'd have been on the swings too!


  1. Hehehehe, the photo of Roo on the slide makes me smile so much - Rye likes to go down slides in exactly the same fashion :D

  2. Such happy pictures of your sparkly family, I would love to spend an afternoon with you all at the park x x x

  3. :)

    (And Rowan goes up and down slides all ways haha, she is such a funny monkey. She teaches the other toddlers on the park some tricks that have their parents rather worried. *blushes*)

  4. I'm kind of quiet on the comments, but I like popping in and seeing your joyful family from time to time :) That circle swing looks like so much fun!

  5. I was just about to post the same thing as Gina, how lovely it would be to spend time in the company of your gorgeous family xx


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