26 March 2012

One Thing I Love

...is finding little scenes the girls have been playing with, sometimes in utter disarray, sometimes carefully arranged for play, but always so sweet and perfect.
Blurry pictures, I know, but I took these late one night and just couldn't resist them. So creative and so typical of their play.
A friend made me that scarf years ago - who knew it would be a river some day? And check out the magic forest!
Perhaps my favourite, the incongruous plastic men (and tribal princess) sitting eating cake on building-block chairs. Awesome.
Tidying up is for a different sort of mama. This kind of mama gets the camera out and leaves the mess for morning. :)


  1. Oh thats not mess mama, thats beauty x

  2. :) It *did* take up almost every inch of the living room floor... But how could I just pack it away? So sweetly perfect! :)


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