5 March 2012

Book Sharing Monday

Library day again, already! We found two fabulous new books I just have to share. :) This is Morgan's new favourite thing: Me, by Emma Dodd. It's just too cute!
DSC04515 DSC04517
 "The stars stretch far... and I am small."

 Foil on every page, simple loving gentle text, and a baby penguin. Just about everything Morgan wants in a book! And, frankly, what's not to love?
And for Jenna, already a fan of Jabberwocky:
Illustrated simply and beautifully by Joel Stewart, it's surprisingly soft; the Jabberwocky is clockwork, so no gore! I wouldn't want to give this book to a child who didn't already know the poem though, it would seem a shame to forgo their own mental images. But for Jenna, this is a really lovely reading book (and has given her some practice at reading upper-case!)
Good children's books are SUCH a joy. :)

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