18 March 2012

Weekending: Treasures and Blessings

On Saturday I met three of my favourite ladies for lunch, then two of them assisted me in not losing any of my children into the canal as we took a Spring-time stroll along the Riverside path.

It's a beautiful route, very restful, and to think that it's so close to the city centre! We bought chocolate milk, apple juice, and fruit bars for snack time before we set out.
And we didn't end up having to rescue any of the children - though Rowan was determined to make it a near-thing. FEET ON THE FLOOR NEAR WATER! When, WHEN, did I ever imagine I would be shouting that at the top of my voice as a small blonde Wild Thing hangs off a rusty metal fence besides a rushing river? *sigh*
I looove this lady. Yay for not being a grown up!
And sweet fabulous Ashleigh willingly carrying a tired grumpy pickle all the way back again.
Sunday was Mothering Sunday, and my funny little girls tried so hard to sneak in and surprise me - alas for them, I was up already! They had made pictures for me, and Jenna had secretly done some quilling, she was so proud to show me my present. I had, the night before, made myself chocolate muffins for breakfast too.
After Church, the park was calling.
And after the park, the knitting. So nearly finished, but drat it all if I haven't run out of yarn. I can't be sure without measuring my knitting whether my gauge is off or if the ball is just slightly short, but I am literally ten rows off done and waiting for another ball of the same to come by post this week!
The best Mother's Day present of all, though... Yes.
Four happy healthy vibrant creative funny daughters. All of them just so perfectly themselves. All of them so loved, and so loving.

(Rowan quote of the day: "Where is Daddy gone? It is really half past bedtime.")


  1. Haha, sweet little Rowan. It is just amazing some of the things that come out of their mouths, Oscar can make me laugh out loud even when I am in the dumps. Looks like a lovely weekend.

  2. Your friend walking along the log looks like me. Lol. Well, perhaps me on a slim day! ;)
    And I love your gorgeous necklace! <3
    So much gratitude and inspiration and love pour from your words as always mama. Thank you for sharing your world. xx

  3. Beautiful photos - how have I missed such a lovely walking path in Derby city?

  4. If you walk through the river gardens in the city centre (by the bus station when they are done with revamping the footpath), then you can get through Bass Rec onto the Riverside path - it goes all the way along Pride Park to the Wyvern! There are blackberries down there in Autumn, but at this time of year: the herons, kingfishers, sand martins in the banks... :)

  5. (And thankyou, all, it is lovely to share our world with you!)


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