14 March 2012

Knitting and Reading and Swimming and Climbing

I love Wednesdays!

My current yarn crafting project is a shrug for Jenna for the warmer months. I'm using Rico Kids Essentials Aran, and I just can't believe it's acrylic, it's so lovely and soft and non-squeaky. And it's very washable, and also cheap! Two balls will make this, in eyelet lace. I think I've got the hang of it now. DSC04696
I just finished reading Lavinia by Ursula Le Guin, a gentle beautiful tribute to Vergil's Aenid, what a fabulous evocative book. I am in love with every thing Le Guin has ever written though, so not surprising I can rave about this book all day.

I started something by Raymond Feist simply because there are a LOT of his books in our library. But I'm struggling to get into it at all, I can't say I'm taken with it... A bit Tom Clancy meets Terry Brooks. ;) I might be able to enthusiastically retract that statement by next week, of course!

Today we went swimming, as we usually do on Wednesday. I knitted all the way there and all the way back, one whole 7 row lace repeat! We met Emma, Chris, and Connor today, and had lunch together afterwards.
My babies always fall asleep on Chris, they seem to find him very restful to be around. :)
(I made those purple tartan trousers for Morgan when she was that size!)

Connor was fearless. Poor Em didn't know whether to laugh or cry when he got all the way to the top of the 10ft climbing frame and *bounced* on the ropes! Ack, it's not fun for mamas when these toddling people push the boundaries of what we feel is safe for them!
The only stress for me in today was when the manager at the pool didn't want to let us in with so many children (!) because their rules only changed this year to allow more than one child in the pool with a parent. *sigh*  Jenna cried, and I was on the verge of making a scene at the reception desk, but they couldn't have been more apologetic when we were proved right about the adult/child ratio!  I could rant a bit about health and safety rules, but I won't, after all, we had a simply beautiful day in the end...


  1. Lovely pics as always, well done for getting them all to the swimming baths!

    San x

  2. such a pretty color for your shrug!!! Happy Knitting!!

  3. Thankyou. :) It's a lovely light pinky plum and she chose it herself, haha I'd never dare pick something on her behalf. ;)

    San, Tali loves the water so much it's easy to take them, the only hard part is getting them dressed again afterwards because they're all tired and ratty about getting out. They are always happy again once we get onto the park - just need some food and water to refuel. :)

  4. Funny, it never even crossed my mind about adult child ratio with your own children, maybe because my Mum doesn't swim so my Dad used to bravely take all 4 of us in the water himself, back in the 70s lol. That photo of Talia and Chris is so darn cute.

  5. It is *very* silly. We cancelled the kids' gym memberships because mum can only now take one in at a time - and we can't go to our nearest pool because Jenna isn't allowed in the children's pool any more but can't swim on her own in the big pool until she's 8. Madness!

    We were so happy when Ilkeston changed their rules: it really makes more sense, after all, there are TWO of us taking four in, two can touch the bottom of the pool and one can swim confidently! Under the old rules we wouldn't be allowed to take them til September, when we're past Rowan AND Jenna's birthdays so that Rowan is past two years and Jenna officially doesn't need supervision. Bizarre.

    I've said before, I'm "allowed" to walk down the main road on my own with all four! But health and safety says I can't even take two into a swimming pool in lots of places. *rolls eyes*

  6. My friend was visiting today and she was saying our pool has some funny rules too, I think you cant take in 2 under 2 yourself and something about armbands if they are under 4, crazy rules these days. Duncan was almost rugby tackled by the lifeguard for taking a photo of Oscar in the pool. When he said 'but he is my own son' the guy actually said, 'we only have your word for that Sir, and we don't know what other children you have photographed in the background'. We were both totally embarrassed, (I was in the water with Oscar who was 6 months old, and Duncan was 3 feet away on the pool-side) but we honestly didn't know it was against the rules.

  7. That colour is beautiful for the shrug. I have just made one for my daughter in a really bright orangey/yellowy/pink/reddy colour that is really 'Springy'. Are you on ravelry? I have pictures of it on there.
    Most pools near us have a 1:1 policy but we have struck lucky with a brand new, council have money to burn, flashy pool that opened last year and they have 2:1 policy under 8 and over 8's can swim alone. The policy at some pools is ridiculous.


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