17 March 2012

Seven Days - and things that should not go in hair








1. Sunday night, late, after a concert at a local church, walking home past the library in the darkness.
2. Baby trying her little arms and legs at commando crawling (nooo) - she can't get far, but I can no longer leave her on the bed for a minute. *sigh*
3. Felting eggs. :)
4. Baby asleep over Chris' arm on the park.
5. Children's tea party with friends.
6. What happens when Morgan puts a science experiment in her hair. (!!!)
7. After the trauma of yesterday, this is my Saturday morning!

For reference, gak comes out of hair with a whole lot of vinegar, it goes kind of brittle and stringy. Science in action, eh? At least searching Google for remedies was slightly comforting in that I discovered I am by no means the only mother to whom this has happened! It's funny when it isn't your child... ;) It took a hysterical phonecall to Ashleigh to calm down enough to deal with it, and by that time I was more laughing than crying.

Oh, Morgan...


  1. oh my goodness me....... i am so glad you found a solution that did not involve clippers and a grade 1!!

  2. Oh Sarah!! Well done for taking it all in your stride... sometimes we really do have to learn by our mistakes and I'm pretty sure Morgan has.

    Love to you

    San xx

  3. Oh my Morgan! I hope her hair is back to normal. Sweet little sensory child. ;) I still remember walking in on her in Sam's room at the GP meet - toothpaste all over her hands and rolling deodorant over her arms. ;)
    I love the first two pictures of this post especially! :)
    Laura xxx

  4. I love our library so much, lovely old building, it really struck me how lovely it is as we walked past in the dark. :)


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