1 March 2007

Such a great week in our lives

I have had so little to write about in the past week. Everything is so... nice!

Don't get me wrong I shout sometimes, sometimes Jenna is a real trial (and sometimes I am) and sometimes Morgan yells and fusses and I don't know why. But things generally are going really smoothly, and we're really busy in a gentle domestic kind of way.

We're going to book clubs, to toddler clubs, to soft play. We're in the middle of Buy Nothing Month and we've not given in yet - although next week we are buying the chicken coop on the understanding that it is part of our sustainable living drive so kind of anti-commercialism anyway lol. Plus it's from a local craftsperson (via ebay) so we're also supporting local trade etc.

Morgan is done with her growth spurt, and she scarily turned three months on Tuesday. Eeek. She is fabulous, and still so smiley and contented. Right now she is asleep in the comfort corner, since Jenna is at her grandparents again. I feel really... at peace... that Jenna is so independant. Even though I miss her.

And I'm starting to want another baby again. Already.

My BAMBI training started, so I'm going to be a fully trained breastfeeding peer support worker in three months. Which is exciting. Also I'm feeling very busy, maybe even a tad rushed. But not too rushed to stop painting with Jenna and messing around in the garden. Sometimes I doubt myself, that I can do all this and still be available and PRESENT for my babies, but mostly I just feel amazing.

I keep doing baking as well (and I made meusli lol) so I dunno... I guess... I feel proud. Of me, of us. Of actually being the person I want to be - even if it is only every now and again! It's a wierd feeling, and one that is quite hard to own up to lol. But no, we're doing really well. And I can admit it somewhere without feeling like I'm crowing or anything.

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