5 March 2007

Baby Back Wrap

Finally she came around to my way of thinking! I got her in a back wrap all afternoon yesterday! I needed to dig the garden, so she HAD to go on my back. Once asleep, I got her up there fine (normally she wakes and protests) and she stayed asleep.

And when she woke up after a while, she stayed up there awake and happy and watched me doing the weeding from her vantage on my back. Again, usually even on my front if she wakes up she wants MILK. But no. She was fine.

We got into minor difficulty getting her down - well, getting the jumper off to be entirely honest... So lessons to be learnt. If it took help to get them ON it will also take help to get them OFF likely enough, and attempting it alone will mean shouting, "HELP HELP, the baby is stuck!!!" down the garden, to the amusement of the neighbours. *blushes*

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