20 March 2007

A really busy day, and the new members of the family

Yesterday turned out to be a very up and down sort of day. First we had a lovely morning doing stuff with Jenna. Morgan fed and slept and generally barely made herself noticable. Then we had a rubbish couple of hours because JSA are messing about AGAIN and we're worried about money. The bottom line is that we may be paid late, and it may be a tiny bit less than usual, both of which totally screw up my carefully planned budget!

And then on the way home we had a surprise from my Dad - he was on his way over and had time to pick up the chickens with us! Quick call to the farm, quick check of the map, packing up of the cardboard box to transport them and off we went. So now there are two gently clucking fat ladies installed in my garden, happily eating spiders (!) and the pellets that Jenna was delighted to throw at them this morning.

There are a couple of things that need finishing off before they can be free range, but generally I'm just ecstatic that they survived the night. I had this horrible paranoid terror that the fox would get them on their first night and we'd have to explain the awful truth to Jenna LOL. Anyhows...

Martin is at a second interview right now and we're really hoping it comes to something. Especially after all the lack-of-help we've got it would feel pretty good to be able to call up and tell them to stick the flaming benefits. ;) We're really banking on this being the last tight month before summer - it'd be so nice to get some garden toys for the girls and it feels like right now that's never going to be affordable.

Soft play again today and hopefully meeting Jo there with Aoife and Roisin. My phone is out of credit as usual so I can't check but they were thinking of being there today. Jenna will be pleased. And Morgan is asleep in the sling where hopefully she'll stay for the best part of the morning so we can get some rough-and-tumble in with the tall skinny grown up one. :)

My life is... kind of surprising. Things keep on happening and bit by bit all these dreams are coming true and it's scary. It's a lot of responsibility - I mean getting chickens is maybe a little crazy even for me. But it's so much fun!

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