19 March 2007

Back on track?

Another EC confession. The last three days have been back on the potty again - but the few before that Morgan was in nappies full time. It sounds stupid, but I just forget. I've discovered too that when I have a nappy under her in the evenings (which I've kept doing even when not actually ECing) I lose motivation a bit and just let her do whatever on the nappy.

So she has been mostly stark naked - that certainly helps me remember to respond to her before she pees all over me. And true to form, she hasn't. When we bother we can EC full time with no problems, no misses, no wet nappies. But then sometimes I just put a nappy on to go out in the morning and FORGET to take her to the toilet while she's wearing it.

I blame the fact that she's the first one in this experiment. ;)

Well today is going to be busy, we have story time soon and then a trip around town to scout out venues for the NINO group. Then we have a trip to the Natural History Museum. Then home for tea! Better go and get on with dressing small children, an endless task with two of them (I can't imagine more right now... but I feel sick this morning...).

Will quickly clarify that I mean I can distinctly picture THAT part of having another one, because I feel ill. Not that I'm *actually* morning sick!

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